Exhaust, Custom Coating Services

One of the most over looked parts of building a classic car can be the exhaust. One of thigs that can make a huge impression when people see your classic car is it sounds! How your exhaust looks can also make a huge difference on the way your class car looks. The last thing that your exhaust does for your classic car is it can improve your performance!

We can build you a couple different levels or exhaust. We can replace your factory exhaust with a brand-new factory style system. The next step is to upgrade to a full custom exhaust.  All of our custom exhaust systems are cut out of mandrel bent stainless pipe and fully tig welded. You can go with your choice of polished or plain stainless pipe. Don’t forget up grading your headers is an important part of your exhaust system! When it comes to coating you many options. If you want your chassis powder coated, we can help with that! Parts that need to be chromed we can get that done!

Want to help keep some of the heat off the floor of your classic car? Lets ceramic coat your new exhaust and headers! If you need to get your new exhaust built of have something custom coated let us know and we can help!  

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